The need for a fund was identified when Corporal Nick Davis lost his leg in Afghanistan in 2007. Whist the Army was looking after him very effectively, there was no, real support system for his family. This made a group of friends gather together in Newark with the specific purpose of raising money to help not so much our heroes, but their families.

The seeds for the fund were established and the task  of setting it up fell to  co-founders  Patrick Mercer and Keith Girling bot ex-servicemen. There is now a well established Management Committee and Board of Trustees.

They called it the Newark Patriotic Fund (NPF) and it was set up in 2008 : To relieve the needs of ex-servicemen and women and their families in the Newark area who have been wounded or injured or rendered sick whilst serving in the armed forces, in particular through the provision of advice, support and financial assistance.

There are many examples of how they have helped,  a few of them are set out below:

  • Providing transport, sometimes with drivers, to allow family visits to those injured at Birmingham, London, and Plymouth .
  • Picking up hotel and travel costs for families.
  • Providing breaks for families (we recently sent a mother and her children to Euro Disney for a well earned break).
  • Supplementing lost earnings (sad as it seems some employers force families to take un-paid leave to visit loved ones.
  • Modifications to houses
  • Training

The Newark Patriotic Fund is not designed to be big or to be national – it is designed to be small and local. This is the beauty of the Fund because it enables us to react quickly where  bigger funds, understandably, may be  more bureaucratic.

NPF do not want to take away from or eclipse any good work undertaken by Royal British Legion, RAFA, H4H, SSAFA or combat stress but are there to supplement them and fill any gaps.  Further details of other organisations can be found here or visit our links page.