Christmas Cards

Hello friends and Supporters
We would be grateful if you would mind sharing the information written below to all your friends.
Like all charities, we have found it impossible to have any fundraising activities this rememberance day ideasyear due to the present situation we all find our selves in. To this end, we have produced a Christmas Card to help raise possible money for the fund.
The cost of the cards is £3.95 for a pack of 5. You can purchase the cards from Anne e Vins, Harbour Master or contact Mac Mallard on 0770 3952 444, email
We have also very kindly had one of our Veterans Billy Graham who has carved miniature soldiers out of wood for Remembrance Day. If you would like one or more there is no cost, but the fund would be grateful if you could make a donation to fund.
We have attached a link to our Just Giving Page, please let me know if you have donated for Christmas Cards, Soldiers or just a donation to help the charity assist our Veterans and Families, to Mac Mallard on 0770 3952 444 or